Research Links

General Economic History

Note: In general, these categories are arbitrary and many of these can be useful for several other areas of research.

Measuring Worth – A wonderful site that allows one to compare value among different years, centuries, and currencies. – All things economic history, published and updated by various organizations including the Economic History Association, the Economic History Society, The Cliometric Society, and the Economic and Business History Society.

Angus Maddison – Collection of Dr. Angus Maddison’s Research that includes global and country-specific aggregate statistics.

Essays in Economic and Business History – This is an open-access journal that publishes pieces on economic, business, and financial history. Encyclopedia – A great resource for initial research and overviews of research fields.

World Bank Archives – The link goes to their online archives, but they are also a great spot for on-site archival research with a ton of information on the World Bank and its activities in the last 50+ years.

Center for International Price Research – This is a great resource for research on prices throughout the world and time. It has great visualization tools, and it includes downloadable data files.

Early North America History

Colonial North America by Harvard Library – Great digital collection of sources for all types of colonial history, including religious, political, and economic.

Colonial Society of Massachusetts – This is their collection of publications which include many available online. Some are also available for purchase.

New York Historical Society Digital Collections – An outstanding collection of early American and Early Republic resources. It even has old family cookbooks, which are quite interesting.

New York Public Library Digital Collections – Enormous collection of all things New York and Early America. The Early American Manuscript Project is still uploading material regularly.

Massachusetts Historical Society Online Collections – Another great online repository, especially for those interested in the American Revolution, the Adams Family, and the MA 54th Regiment during the Civil War.

Georgia Historic Newspapers – Digital archive of newspapers beginning in 1763 until 2017. Also a great resource for general American history.

North Carolina Historic Newspapers – Digital archive of NC newspapers beginning in 1751.

John Carter Brown Library – Digital images from early American history. More general in its scope, but it also offers access to some 10,000 scanned books from the period.

Georgia Archives Virtual Vault – Collection of digital sources for the state of Georgia from colonial period to the present. Not an incredibly easy site to use and search, but the sources are worth the effort. This site also includes access to other digital collections in various libraries in the state.

Robert Townsend Account Books – Digitized account book of Long Island merchant, Robert Townsend, from 1772-1785.

Omohundro Institute Digital Collections Links – Collection of digital archives on various topics and time periods for colonial and early American history.

North Carolina Digital Collections – Digital sources for the state of North Carolina, including colonial and early republic period sources, among much, much more.

Atlantic World History

British History Online – Great for British, Atlantic, Early Modern, and Colonial history.

Dutch Prize Papers – Online collection of papers captured by English ships between 1652-1815. Excellent source for early modern economic history and other uses, including genealogy, military, and diplomatic history.

Sound Toll Registers – This is an online database for the Danish Sound Toll registers which effectively recorded most of the trade between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Digital Library of the Caribbean – This is an online database for digital source material relating to and from Caribbean archives. It is a huge consortium of libraries and archives, but it is a little difficult to use. Patience is required.

PORTIC Database – This is an online dataset that contains entries and clearances for French ports and ships in the 18th century on the eve of the French Revolution.

General History

HathiTrust – A collection of sources and books from around the world. Will need an institutional login (if your institution is a partner) to download sources.

Beinecke Digital Collections at Yale – A general collection with wide chronological and topical breadth. Has a high number of medieval documents.